Saturday , November 17 2018

Toowoomba Bird Observers Inc.

Serves birders and visitors to the Darling Downs and south-west. The club was established in 1975 to promote the enjoyment of the region’s bird and to stimulate serious ornithological research throughout the area. The city’s position on the very edge of the Great Dividing Range enables Toowoomba birdwatchers to enjoy birding on both the eastern and western sides of the Great Dividing Range.

Regular club outings on the last weekend of each month take advantage of this location to access both inland and coastal species. Visitors to the area are always welcome to participate in these outings, or to contact club members for assistance at other times of the month.

The club, which is affiliated with the Bird Observers Club of Australia, publishes an interesting and informative monthly Newsletter and participates in numerous local and national projects.



About Ausbird

Ausbird is owned & operated by Sicklebill Safaris, a small family run company based in North Queensland, Australia. Sicklebill Safaris has been operating in the Pacific region for over 20 years. In recent years we have been joined by other excellent guides and offer itineraries to Asia, Africa and the Middle East as well as Australia and the Pacific.