Saturday , April 17 2021
  • Juvenile Satin Bowerbird practicing bower construction

  • Osprey with prey

  • Vegetarian Black Swans

  • Brush Turkey sunning

Wildlife Walkabout

Wildlife Walkabout is a distinctive business that specialises in walks/tours for individuals, couples or small groups.  Conducted at selected sites just 90 minutes north of Brisbane on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast and adjoining hinterland, this region has recorded over 300 bird species.

Cryptic posture of Tawny Frogmouth
Cryptic posture of Tawny Frogmouth

Your guide Gail Hill introduces you to ‘behavioural birding’ and wildlife observation.  With a focus on watching the behaviour of animals the tours are scheduled to suit you (from a few hours to a half day or full day or longer). Of course, it’s your call; special interests such as photography are catered for during the tours. We aim to meet your special needs by visiting a range of habitats.

Some examples of  wildlife commonly seen: Wompoo Fruit-dove, Rose-crowned Fruit-dove, Platypus, Black-necked Stork, Azure Kingfisher, Fruit bats, Australian King Parrot, Kookaburra, Golden Whistler, Fantail Cuckoo, Rainbow Lorikeet, Red-necked Pademelon, Eastern Grey Kangaroo, White-bellied Sea-Eagle, Southern Angle-headed Dragon and innumerable insects.

Nocturnal species include Brushtail and Common Ringtail Possum, Tawny Frogmouth, Giant Barred Frog (endangered) and many other frog species.

Less commonly seen: Paradise Riflebird, Marbled Frogmouth, Koala

Exciting sightings: Channel-billed Cuckoo, Echidna, Satin Bowerbird.

Gail Hill
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About Ausbird

Ausbird is owned & operated by Sicklebill Safaris, a small family run company based in North Queensland, Australia. Sicklebill Safaris has been operating in the Pacific region for over 20 years. In recent years we have been joined by other excellent guides and offer itineraries to Asia, Africa and the Middle East as well as Australia and the Pacific.